Aug 8, 2019

New YorkOn a sunny and windless day we led Alicia and another sailboat into New York Harbour. There were lots of cargo ships and navy destroyers coming in, but they had their own deep-water channel so our trip was an easy one. Once inside the harbour it was unusually quiet. Even the Staten Island ferries were absent. We were able to get up close to the Statue of Liberty and we took some great pictures. Alicia was headed up the East River on the first leg of their trip back to Sweden, so we said goodbye to them and we headed into the Hudson River. There the traffic got crazy. We found the ferries, taxi boats, tow barges, pleasure craft of every description and for good measure a fleet of very small sailboats from a local sailing school. The water was a mess of waves coming from every angle. A seatbelt would have been a help at that point! Our plan was to stop at the 79th Street mooring field, but one look at the way the boats already moored there were rolling in the waves and we kept going. There is no way a person could have moved about, cooked or slept on a boat in those waves. In 2010 on our first Loop we spent 3 days in New York exploring so leaving it behind this time was not a heartache. We can go back by car some day.

Adamant 1 Blog 30 in photos

Adamant 1 entering New York harbour
Manhattan skyline
Statue of Liberty, we were so close!
There was some unusual architecture on the waterfront.
We saw this awesome fellow tucked into the bushes.
the trains ran below the cliffs just above the waterline; freight to port and passenger to starboard.
Abandoned castle, was used as a munitions store at one point.
West Point Academy is a beautiful and massive complex along the river.
Statue overlooking West Point
Railroad bridge crossing a small river right below a rock wall.
There are a number of these lovely lighthouses in the river
Adamant 1 running the river on a gorgeous morning
We found this post at the entrance to a driver training yard!
There is a road along the side of this cliff!
Adamant 1 having her mast lowered.
Sign at the junction of the Erie Canal and Oswego Canal.
Lock 8 at Oswego is the last lock just before Lake Ontario. Almost home!
One of the many dams we saw in the Erie and Oswego Canals.
"Hello Army Corps of Engineers? I found a leak!"
We can say we went to Rome.

What can you say about a river and a couple of canals? They are liquid highways with a lot of trees along the shoreline. However, there were a lot of photographic moments, so this blog will be a pictorial blog. Enjoy!

Until next time……

Lynn Lortie - Longtime CY staffer Lynn Lortie and her husband Pat left Midland the summer of 2016 to make their way into the Great Loop and head out on a three year sailing odyssey. Follow their progress right here in CYOB.