Jan 10, 2016

Adamant 1Remember I told you the story of how the dolphin guided us into an anchorage in 2008? We had though that so spooky, for lack of a better word. Well the pic here of the dolphin beside the boat was the same thing.

I kept getting a spray of water on me and finally I looked over the side of the boat to see why as there wasn't any waves. And there was the dolphin, trying to get my attention by spraying me. After I took the pic, I checked the chart plotter and sure enough, we were just outside of the dredged channel...inside the markers, but not quite in the deep water. I moved the boat over into the deep water, went back to take more pics and he was gone. His job was done. So there are dolphins that are Adamant 3assigned to look after foolish sailors!

Amazing. Cheers. Lynn

Longtime CY staffer Lynn Lortie and her husband Pat left Midland this summer to make their way into the Great Loop and head out on a three year sailing odyssey. Follow their progress right here in CYOB







Adamant 1 Adamant 1 - January 2017