June 1, 2016

On a gorgeous sunny May evening recently, the Canadian Yachting staff were treated to an evening sail aboard Lynn and Pat Lortie’s Adamant 1, complete with delicious snacks and Lynn’s custom audio soundtrack, which may have taken us back a few years.

After a long winter and a cool, wet spring here in Midland, ON, it was such a welcome change to be out on the Bay on a calm, warm evening. Prior to setting out from the Midland Bay Sailing Club we enjoyed a glass of wine and a selection of appetizers that were all prepared using the Carnivore Club’s Meat of the Month box. The meats that were offered in this particular selection ranged from a Sweet Coppa to a sliced Prosciutto to a Hot Sopressata. (Please see the end of this article for a full description of detail on the meats etc.) We created some appetizers that would both allow the flavours of the meats to shine through as well as ones that were easy to make and transportable onboard the sailboat.

CY Evening Cruise

Adamant 1
Club Carnivore Meat of the Month

The flavours of the different cured meats were all distinct on their own and all offered something different to the palate. The hot Sopressata had a nice brand of heat that was not overpowering but really added to its flavour. The sliced prosciutto we had paired with some fresh cantaloupe and it made a delicious marriage of complementary flavours. The sweet Sopressata went deliciously with a grape tomato, a piece of bocconcini cheese and a basil leaf while the sweet Coppa took the flavour lead when combined with a button mushroom and a slice of cucumber. The Milano and Genoa Chubs were left up to individuals to combine with crackers, red pepper jelly, savoury spreadable goat cheese and some wasabi or salmon flavoured caviar.

Because it was such a calm day on the water we headed out under power with the sails still furled. Lynn anchored us out in Gawley Bay where we continued sampling the snacks and admiring the 360 degree view. It was race night at the Sailing Club so not far off to the East the boats were queuing up to attempt a race without much wind to leverage.

It was a fine night for a spring cruise and everyone enjoyed the scenery, the company and the appetizers.  For more info on the Carnivore Club and details of how you can start receiving your monthly selection of meats visit:

Adamant Carnivore Club brochure

The image above describes visually the contents of the box we sampled.