Oysters with Chipotle Hot SauceOysters with Chipotle Hot Sauce
Shuck Oysters or steam them open, squeeze on a drop of fresh lemon or lime, dip in the sauce and gulp ‘em on down. The smoky flavour of the Chipotle peppers fits oysters perfectly.
Chipotle hot sauce;
 Chipotle peppers have a wonderful smoky flavour. Mix (with the hand blender in a bowl) a small can of Chipotle Peppers with a can of unflavoured tomato paste. Add water and the juice of one lemon, to the desired thickness for a hot sauce. It’s still plenty hot and it keeps for a month in the refrigerator. For boating or camping, use pickle vinegar and apple cider vinegar half and half instead of water and it will keep without refrigeration.
Chipotle hot sauce two;
Mix the above hot sauce with mayonnaise or olive oil to taste. Use it for a dip or as a sauce in Tortilla wraps

Recipe submitted by:  Fred Epstein, Gabriola Island, BC

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