Sept 23, 2021

BridgeMy husband and I purchased this beauty in Gananoque two weeks ago and boated it from there across the top of Lake Ontario into the Trent Severn then all the way to Georgian Bay and up to our family cottage on the South Channel (Parry Sound). Then we crossed Georgian Bay from O’Donnell Point to Wiarton!

New Purchase
But we did this with no GPS and no apps! With nothing but paper charts, binoculars and our wits… Georgian Bay was seriously rough and we got blown off our course but we figured things out and got back on track.

I’m very proud of us for achieving that. 

Thank you to Brian Reis and the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron. Great trip but we are not going to do it all again for a long time. But to my dismay, we did not see the #calliope.

Jackie and Dave Stewart

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Jackie Stewart

Dave Stewart