Aug 12, 2021

Down Disaster220 Down disaster in 1997

Wow. That was a lot of fun reading the collection of boat names that came in from all over the country. The judges met over a few cold ones and came to a very carefully deliberated decision. To build suspense, here are the runners up, with the owners’ explanations of where their inspiration came from






Runners up:


Runner Up 220DHi John,

We had admired this boat, it belonged to our friends and I had said I’d like to own it one day. History records a great snowstorm in Victoria starting on December 28, 1966. Almost 5 feet of snow over 4 days. On December 29th I got a call from Tom, letting me know I could buy the boat but unfortunately it had sunk while tied up in their boathouse.

We made a partnership with my brother, he took the engines to the shop at his school and with his son did a superb job on them. I took on the hull and its rebuild. The only things salvaged working were the compass and the light on the bow, as that stuck out of the water.

Then after stripping it, we fibreglassed in new stronger bulkheads, put in wiring chases (wiring was my forte, so nothing but the best), and as we slowly put everything back together, we redesigned much of the interior. We finished everything in teak, put in a killer sound system; my wife picked the new carpet and fabrics and did much of the sewing. Hundreds of mostly enjoyable hours later, and on a very sunny day a year and a half later the boat was taken to be launched at the same marina where it sank.

When cleaning everything out I took down the chronometer, and we noticed that it had stopped working at 2:20. When trying to find our new name it was suggested that we use the time it sank, so 220 Down became that name. I was later when someone told us that was the same time the Titanic went under.

Phil and Diann Barker
Dave and Irene Barker

Runner Up 2 Tender













Our other runner up comes from our friend and contributor Marc Robic. The name says it all.


Our Name Game Winner
Winner At The DockDOCK HOLIDAY

Here’s a name I bet you wish you’d thought of first. The winning shot Dock Holiday comes from Bob Hicks. The boat is 1992 Bayliner 3888 in Nanaimo BC captured with some friends arriving for a fall outing over to Pirates Cove for a picnic lunch. A Holiday indeed!

As his prize, Bob and his boat will win a big bumper from

Big Bumper LogoThanks to all of you and enjoy your aptly named boat!