Feb 11, 2021

GrindingWe’re grinding too

My father forwarded me an email with your Photo of the Week entitled 'Grinding through COVID'. I am in Val des Monts, QC, about 45 minutes from Ottawa and I'm working on a 1984 Vancouver 25' that has a pretty soggy hull. Now that the gelcoat is off it is weeping moisture, even at -10C.

I had to send this photo after reading "As winter progresses, we are looking for YOUR Photo of the Week. It is likely coming from your summer album since you aren’t likely up to the kind of project D Danger is getting into in -10 degree weather."...

The attached photo is a screenshot from a video taken last week at -15 degrees.... Grinding through COVID in the Gatineau Hills. I also attached the video for your entertainment, which shows me grinding the hull in my positive pressure respirator kit made of a snorkel mask, peanut butter jar and a computer fan. I'm looking forward to spending the warmer weather on the boat, not under it.

We'll see what the moisture meter says in a couple of months

Jeff Hannah



America’s Cup laughs

Hello John,
Had to laugh reading your editorial just now Jan 28 CYOB).  I was commenting on America’s Cup racing recently to a friend saying ‘who would have thought watching yachts doing over 40 knots could be so boring?’

I’m looking forward to real yacht racing again…
Gordon Laco



You’re welcome

Thanks for running the story about Oak Bay Marina's Clean Marine BC certification! ( Jan 28 CYOB)

Hope all is well.

Michelle Young, CPA, CA



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