Aug 27, 2020

KayakersWe see people coming into the public docks with people sitting on the bow of the boat or on the outside front of pontoon boats, if the boat had to slow down fast, that person may end up in the motor /propeller.

Also we are still seeing people coming in to the docks from the lake with Wine glasses full, beer cans in their hands which they shouldn’t even have on their runabouts and pontoon boats.

Also see very small children running down the docks and peering into the water looking at the fish with no life jackets on as their parents took them off at the far end of the docks and left in their boat and the parents are still on the boat minutes away from the small children.

We see people in small boats with NO life jackets either

We feel that Transport Canada need to do a large media coverage program and the news stations should pick up on doing stories of boat safety and the Laws because a lot of people are not using their common sense while on a boat.

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Heather Heins
President, Big Rideau Lake Boat Rentals



Longing for Blue MagicLonging for Blue Magic

I wish I still had this boat.

I imported the boat from the US, at Pultneyville Yacht Club.  It was named Sawdust II.  I changed the name to Blue Magic.  I was at Lakeshore Yacht Club in those days.

I sold Blue Magic about 10 years ago.  After going through several other boats in the meantime, I have been looking for another C&C 29 Mk2, but there are no good ones on the market in this area.  I looked at one for sale yesterday that, sadly, is in very poor condition and might actually be at end of life unless someone is looking for a big project.  Thirty-seven years can take its toll.

Robert England

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