June 11, 2020

June 1st in the Waterjust made it to the slip - no sails, no bimini, no BBQ (yet)

We usually launch in May

Hello John and Andy......

To be honest, as yet we aren't really managing anything on the water yet, but it has been trying to get the boat ready for launch. 

With the marinas and dealers essentially closed this spring a number of the annual jobs and a couple of projects put off from last fall all of a sudden took on a new urgency (at least the jobs did).  We really appreciate, genuinely like, and want to support our local marina on Lake Huron (Bayfield) so have ordered supplies (bottom paint, rollers, new battery) via the phone for curbside pickup.  We need this business to survive, and want it to survive.  The process works seamlessly, but it certainly is not the same.

We usually launch late May, and this year we're June 1st so the actual "water related" impact should be negligible.  It has been interesting with the marinas opening only a couple of weeks ago to get the boat ready in such short time as no work was allowed until that time.  We feel for the marinas as no doubt it's been a challenge watching them get pilings in and docks in place as now everybody who wants to go out, wants their boat in the water. Like yesterday.   On a different note it is somewhat unsettling to see the number of boats that aren't being unwrapped from the winter cocoons.  Time will tell how many boats stay on the hard this season.  We could use a long warm summer for sure.

Bayfield Slip 2018Dockside chats will I suspect be challenging as well, and I'm sure that we all will have conversations about the current COVID-19 situation, but it will pass eventually and fade into "Do you remember the summer of 2020?" category.  But we will remember.

We boat because of the pleasure of being out on the water, not out of any special need to socialize (albeit it is great fun with family and friends). 

This situation, like the weather, is out of our control, so like everyone else we need to adapt.

Have a great season!
David & Ann Jones




Boating in a Bubble - it's Not That Bad!

The last few months have been very strange indeed for the marine industry...but even in these uncertain times, owning a boat is still one of the preferred leisure activities.  
In my opinion, we are dealing with three different mindsets for buyers:

1. The world is a very dangerous and stressful place and we should buy a boat and take off on our own to forget about the worries of the world in the safe isolation of our boat.
2.  The travel industry has come to a grinding halt and all of our plans to travel the world are on hold, so let's go boating and see the world from a different viewpoint.
3.  The cost of a boat is very affordable and our money is just sitting there, so why not use it?

For those reasons, we have found ourselves busier than we could have expected.  Additionally, in a normal season, we would have had the last three months to commission boats for launch and to get new buyers out on the water. All of that has had to be done in the last three weeks.  Needless to say, boat brokers, contractors and marinas are very busy!

If you want something to do and break the monotony of sitting at home or avoid the risk of going to a crowded public place, get yourself a boat and cast off for the ultimate adventure!

Pat Sturgeon Yachts
1 Port Street East
Mississauga, ON L5G 4N1



ACBS - Toronto

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic ACBS-Toronto has decided that for the safety and health of our members, volunteers and public to cancel all events though to July 31,2020.

Join us for the 2021 40th Vintage Boat Show - Saturday, July 10, 2021, Muskoka Wharf, 821 Bay Street, Gravenhurst, ON "Celebrating 40 Vintage Boat Shows," From Wood to Classic Glass. Pre and post events from Thursday, July 8 through Sunday, July 11, 2021

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