Apr 23, 2020

Patrick owns a business in the industry and recorded this message.



“I import boats from several countries in Europe and sell to dealers. As for my own boat, I am moving on from a Searay 370 Sundancer to a Monaco from Parker.”

Patrick Hardy
BCI Marine





What a COVID tale

This story about Richard Reid in the Star is startling. Toronto area sailor, Richard is a champion in B36.7, also sails Farr boats, has has helmed a J/80 and more.

Katie Coleman Nicoll




Flagging interest

Hello John, good editorial today (CYOB April 9.)

A comment… the ‘days of naval ships’ are not past, they continue today.  We still use signal flags, partly for the reasons you list, but also because they are clear, immediate and direct.  

As I reckon you know, I operate a busy practice serving as technical adviser and historical consultant to film and television productions.  I’m just off 30 months working with Tom Hank’s and his team producing a feature film called GREYHOUND, set in the Battle of the Atlantic during the winter of 1942.  It’s based on CS Forester’s novel ’The Good Shepherd’… another film took that name so we couldn’t use it.

One of my jobs was making certain that the right flags were flying in various scenes… and of course that led to battles with regard to WW2 protocols vs what is used today.  But of course if they already knew, they wouldn’t need me, so I’m not complaining.

So where is the movie?  Release is delayed indefinitely due to the pandemic…
Keep wel
Gordon Laco



Olympic Observations

Starting in the 1980's I was a member of the IYRU. At that time I observed that President Paul Henderson and his VP's could be seen in the boat parks asking the sailors what they wanted. A bottom up management style appreciated by the rank and file. The sports strength rested with the yacht clubs and the class associations. The Olympics were only one leg on a three-leg stool.

London was and still is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

The move to Southampton not only was a prudent financial move. It was now next door to Cowes one of the world’s great sailing venues.

Moving back to London made no sense whatsoever.

For the last few years management has been top down. The very base of our sport, the clubs and class associations have been shoved aside while the lure of Olympic money has been the ill thought out focus of the present management. To suggest that boats that cost a quarter of a million dollars will lure the Olympic TV coverage is the height of absurdity.

There is an old saying, “If it ain't broke don't fix it".

Unfortunately it was likely never translated into Danish.
Dennis Toews
Oakville, ON



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Tuesday, 24 January 2017 01:31

I think that Mike Ranta's epic journey across Canada by canoe this year was as good as it gets, and I think you should take the torch and feature his journey in CY. Following the voyageur routes...

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This time our photos come from Gimli where Katie Coleman Nicoll was on the scene. She’s an esteemed sailing judge, a fearless reporter and a fine photographer.



Wellcraft 355

By Katherine Stone

Wellcraft launched a legacy of offshore boats from Sarasota, Florida more than 60 years ago and since then, high-performance deep vee designs have been their constant. Styles and purposes evolved over time with saltwater fishing as a major theme, but offshore ocean racing was what many came to associate with the Wellcraft brand, especially after the high-profile TV series Miami Vice featured Don Johnson driving a Wellcraft to outrun the bad guys, (wearing raw silk jackets and designer t-shirts while he did it).

Fashions change and the new Wellcraft 355 dramatically breaks new ground while still building on the offshore performance reputation.  

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J/9 Boats Under SailBy Katherine Stone

When J/Boats set out to make their latest model, their thinking moved away from a boat that you had to tweak all the time, worry about having enough sandwiches to feed the crew, ensuring that you had big strong lads to do the heavy lifting and making certain that you had new sails for the big regattas.

Although the J/9 is not a sport boat, it is designed like any other J/Boat for sailing first and foremost. After all, they have won over 20 awards for their sailboat designs featuring a second-generation family-run business since 1988.

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West Side Story

by Jennifer M. Smith, drone photos by Alex Nikolajevich

It was the last day of August and we were in Little Current heading south. Our Lasalle winter haul out was still over a month away. The question was: where to now? Friends in Meaford often suggested we sail in for a visit. We never had because we’d always moved north-south on the east side of Georgian Bay. This year we were up for something different. This was the perfect opportunity to cruise the west side of the bay.

We made the 10 a.m. bridge out of Little Current and motor-sailed east southeast in light northerlies. We’d often sailed past Snug Harbour, a nearly land-locked anchorage on the north side of Lansdowne Channel because the chart suggested we’d never make it in there with our six-foot draft. 

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Supplies and Colour Matching

by Marc Robic

After 27 years of sun and traffic, the cockpit floor on Aquaholic was starting to look faded and had many small pinholes and minor surface cracks. These pinholes are mostly caused by small air pockets that lay just below the gelcoat surface. Of course, this is exacerbated by particles such as small rocks or debris under shoes, dropped winch handles, etc.

Luckily, Catalina Yachts is still very much in business and are very helpful when owners have questions or need parts. I ordered a small quantity of original formula Catalina grey and white gelcoat for my model and year.

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RS Electric BoatsSailGP, the international racing series featuring high speed F50 wingsailed catamarans, is partnering with RS Electric Boats – sister brand of sailboat manufacturer RS Sailing – to use the Pulse 63 electric RIB as chase, coach and support boats.

RS Electric Boats will supply SailGP with four Pulse 63s, which were designed to be electric boats from the outset. The unique aerodynamic hull form is designed to support the weight of the batteries while allowing rapid acceleration, functional speeds up to 23 knots and ample range.



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