Dec 19, 2019

Side Power E VisionGood morning John,

This may be of interest to you - the launch of the Side-power upcoming E-Vision series at the METS marine show at the end of November. This innovative motor technology is a new direction for Sleipner Motor and they are providing only “teasers” at this point in the product’s development.

The details behind the technology are being held close and we will provide more information as it becomes available during the upcoming year.  We are hopeful for a launch in the middle to later part of 2020.

Re: Thinking the future 

The very first step of our vision is the new E series Bow and Stern thrusters incorporating the first electric motor designed specifically for marine thruster use. Our engineers have developed a highly efficient, compact and lightweight electric motor that rivals the most cutting edge motors used in the automotive industry today.  

IMTRA Booth• Surpassing the world’s best thrusters
• Up to 60% lighter than comparable models
• Up to 40% less volume than comparable models 
• Integrated proportional controller
• Waterproof, Ignition protected, including the driver/controller
• Battery powered with longer run times
• Time saving and easy to install and maintain
• S-link operated and fits all S-link control panels
• All existing S-link integration with joysticks, radio remotes, station hold systems works directly
• Retrofit options 

Btw, we will have a lot of interesting idea at the Toronto Boat Show – booth 1742

Don Hood

Imtra Canada

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