Dec 5, 2019

CYOB Inbox AppreciationAppreciate your articles

Andrew, I am in St Andrews NB and run an 87 Niagara 35E that I bought in Oakville in 2016. Significantly modified by a previous owner and have to say that I enjoy your contributing articles to the CPS electronic publication. Wish you were in the neighbourhood, you would be hired!

Tim Jarvis






Article on bilge rot in CY online

Hello Andrew,

An excellent article, in fact, all your articles I have found in CY on safe practices afloat are well worth reading.

On the matter of washing hands after boat maintenance, I might add that this goes for using toxic products like epoxy fillers and sealants that most of us DIYers work with to repair dings and gouges and leaks every so often. Although their labels do an excellent job in warning (mandated by state (USA) and federal (Canada) law) about exposure to toluene, crystalline silica, amine resin, to mention only a few found in several products I have in front of me as I write this, do I use impermeable gloves or wear a nose mask while I dab in them? Rarely. At least, what I do is wash my hands and wish the residue away. One of my first tasks during next spring's recommissioning will be to take a stiff brush, gloves on, to the dark matter that resides in my bilge.   

Bruce Conron



CYOB InboxPower n Sail Magazine

Hi Andrew,

We haven't met, but I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your articles. Your writing is clear and concise, and there is a wealth of information in them appropriate to all levels of boat owner. I look forward to reading them and have enjoyed each one.

Thank you!
Ian Morris

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