Feb 25, 2021

POTW February 25, 2021Friend Pat Festing-Smith sent this obviously pained message…

Potw candidate. 

Can’t wait to get back South. 

Nanuk at Mobian Is, near PSV. 

Nanuk for sale at an incredible price. 

Our pandemic crushed Oakville hero is normally is back and forth to the Caribbean, but since no one is going anywhere these days, neither is PFS.

Clearly he is missing his boat and apparently he is also selling it.

Love in the time of COVID hurts more than ever.

Here at POTW, we’re here to listen to sobbing or any other expression of boat yearning. But it won’t be too long. But as your teardrops fall on last summer’s photo album, please dig out some great ones for Photo of the Week . Could be a beauty shot of the boat (like this week’s) or any of the other Kodak moments you recorded. Send them along to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and put POTW in the subject line.

We’ll get you through this. Hang on Patrick!