Jan 28, 2021

D. DangerD. Danger in work/PPE wear

Our Photo of the Week comes from Correspondent at Large and celebrated foredeck vagrant, D. Danger Mitchele, who somehow ended up in Spain during COVID and has been making the best of it thanks to an abundant supply of fine Spanish wine and a new boat project.

D writes, “So, I'm skimming through boat listings in Barcelona and I found what seemed to be a nice little boat at a nice little price. I though some new rags and bottom paint and I'd have something to cruise on during Covid. The boat is a Decision 7.5. It was built in Spain in 04 and it appears that they ran out of money half way. I got the boat for about $12k CDN.

20 Pounds of Bottom Paintremoving 20 pounds of bottom paint

“As I started pulling things apart, I realized just how bad it was. Everything was broken, soft, missing or outdated. I grew up with a 1929 eight metre so I'm no stranger to making big holes in stuff. Shout out to my Dad who taught me to use power tools and to apply rum and epoxy generously. I'm replacing the keel, rudder, all standing rigging, all lines and every piece of deck hardware. I'm swapping the 5hp Honda for a Torqeedo. I'm adding a bowsprit and a square top main.”

POTWAs winter progresses, we are looking for YOUR Photo of the Week. It is likely coming from your summer album since you aren’t likely up to the kind of project D Danger is getting into in -10 degree weather.

Your POTW can be anything – kids, pets, and summer scenes at the dock. We need it all tin order to stay boating until launch. Please send your shots to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and put POTW in the subject line. The photos you share will keep us all sane! Thanks in advance.