June 23, 2020

Matt and CoreyMatt Trueman and Corey Hewitt. Photo credit ASHLEY FRASER/POSTMEDIA

In Mid June, a floatplane plunged into Constance Bay on the Ottawa River after two planes collide near Arnprior. The outcome could have been much worse for the pilot if not for the fast action of a few friends out boating on Sunday afternoon.

According to the Ottawa Citizen the pilot was treated in hospital for minor injuries after two planes clipped wings mid-air. According to witnesses, one plane crashed nose-first into the water, narrowly missing other people on their pleasure boats.

Matt Trueman was on the water with his friend Corey Hewitt, returning from Buckham’s Bay in his 18-foot Bowrider when they spotted another friend Shaun Swire on his pontoon boat, waving his arms.

“The plane nose-dove into the water, missed the boat behind us by 20 feet. We fired up again and were first on the scene. My buddy Corey Hewitt jumped into the water like a goddamn David Hasselhoff — went in there, pulled him out onto the pontoon boat and got him to safety. 

Hewitt, 36, has some experience in tense situations on the water as a seasoned whitewater raft guide with Wilderness Tours who has also taught whitewater rescue at Algonquin College. Fire officials credited “the quick action of the pleasure boats in the area who immediately rushed to the aid of the downed plane.”

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Set aside your assumptions and expectations for a few minutes while we try to describe the new Axopar 37 XC that made its American debut at the 2020 Miami International Boat Show. This boat represents a whole new ball game in terms of design, performance, seakeeping and functionality. In fact, I’d say it takes a ‘clean sheet of paper’ approach to boating – it’s that different.

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Exiting Hogs BackBy John Morris

History: right after gym and just before chemistry class. Fifty minutes of naming the prime ministers by date and looking out the window. Who knew it was actually interesting.

And in some ways it hardly matters because the Rideau Waterway is just so amazingly beautiful. Driving your boat through the locks is wonderful fun for kids of all ages (adult kids, too) and the scenery is sensational. The history is a huge bonus however, and worth understanding from both as a political lesson and from an engineering perspective.

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