July 11, 2019

Congratulations to everyone who sent along a wonderful Canada Day photo. Fabulous photos and what a variety. We now have an annual tradition!

Winners of our limited edition CY hat:

Juan-Carlos Buitrago

Missy Gervais

Sylvia Jacobs

Kathy Younker

John Gallaugher

Canada Day 2019 Photo Contest

Juan-Carlos Buitrago took this at Lagoon City
Missy Gervais - This is our big red dog celebrating Canada Day in Centre Bay on Gambier Island (British Columbia). His name is Jonathan and he has been boating since he was 8 weeks old, can't keep him out of the water!
Sylvia Jacobs - This was taken at Sugarloaf Marina, Port Colborne – yes our boat is the far left with the large flag. We just put it up and went down the dock to see how it looked….
Kathy Younker - Watching the Canadian women’s team play soccer in Edmonton
Kathy Younker - Salmon barbecue on board- Sidney Spit
Kathy Younker - Off the back of the Bluenose in Lunenburg Harbour, Nova Scotia