Dec 5, 2016

Always measure first

This CY Onboard feature celebrates your photos. A wonderful crop this week. The plan was to publish two but because we got so many good ones we’re already going to three. But we need yours!

Here’s a great shot and explanation from Thurman Reynolds, CPS Stratford. Definitely the Photo of the Week.

Thurman Reynolds

I did a double take on this one. Looks like a classic case of “Two-foot-itis”. Always measure the storage space before buying the boat.

Biggest Canadian flag in Bermuda

These great photos were submitted by Fraser Forsythe of Saint John, N.B.

Biggest Flag Biggest Flag Crew"The attached pictures were taken by one of my crew’s daughter, from the small boat abeam my sailboat, at the conclusion of this year’s Newport Bermuda race. The picture were taken of my boat a C&C 41, Sugar & Spice entering Hamilton Harbour from Great Sound on June 22nd this past summer. Oh and by the way the flag measures approximately 34’ X 14’; biggest damn Canadian Flag in Bermuda lol!!"

Send yours and join our tradition. Make it funny, weird, or simply reflective of the boating lifestyle. Whatever they are, we will share them with all of Canada and reward you for taking them. BTW, we have quite a stock of sunsets and yours would add to it. Maybe next time it’s an “All Sunset” edition!

Here are the rules – they must be taken from or near a boat. They must be your shots and free from copyright. Most importantly, they must be wonderful. Send the to us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and put Photo in the subject line.