June 23, 2022

ButtertartsCY’s hardworking reporter, Eileen, unpacks her haul at Midland Harbour. Photos: Eileen Walsh

After a bitter couple of years things turned delightfully sweeter as Ontario's Best Butter Tart Festival finally returned to Midland on Saturday, June 11! CY’s own Eileen Walsh attended the event with her sister to scoop up some sweet treats and peruse the local fare. Our dedicated team finally ended up at the town dock to consume their tasty treats with a great view. What a fine way to kick off the summer. Thanks for sharing, Eileen!!




Midland’s streets were packed with tart gourmands

Reaching for the tarts were boaters from Bay Port, Wye Heritage and Midland Harbour who joined the thousands at the King Street tents to load up on goodies. Since starting in 2013, the event has only continued to grow. This year there were 150 vendors, including local artisans contributing to the fun.