May 10, 2017

Victoria Boat ShowThis past weekend’s Victoria Inner Harbour Boat Show (April 27–30) hosted by the British Columbia Yacht Brokers Association (BCYBA) was an opportunity for brokers to display and sell a broad range of boats to a wide audience Freedom Yachts’, Shawn Durand was eager to show off the AXOPAR 28. “This new boat is a radical design change from West Coast powerboats. We have been the dealer for AXOPAR boats for a little over a year”.

Shawn went on to say, “With its unconventional design, which boaters are not used to, some people are smitten with it while others are taking a wait and see perspective. They would like to see more of them on the water before making a commitment. Once they see them crossing the Straits a few times, they are going to be really encouraged by what they see.”

XoparI asked Sawn what he liked about the boat. “The ride is exceptional and for most conditions, you will almost never have to use the bolster, you can just sit back in the seat and enjoy the ride.”

“You can see clearly all around with nothing going up and down to block your view, which allows you to run the boat at speeds it is capable of, for example, you can run it at 30 to 33 knots and feel quite confident that if you see logs or crab traps will have plenty of time to steer around the obstructions. For many other boats, visibility is a struggle so you have to keep your speeds down.”

“The haul design is extremely efficient and the boat planes almost immediately.”

If you want to know more about the AXOPAR line of boats, get in touch with Freedom Yachts,