Feb 27, 2020

Docking SkillsImprove your docking skills whether you are single-handing or have help, on a sailboat or a powerboat. Learn the theory and interaction of propellers, keels, and rudders and how to manage docking in wind and current.

This three-part course includes classroom time on Sat March 21, practice-on-your-own time, and a follow-up class on Sun April 5.

Course Information:

Build confidence in your ability to skillfully approach and leave a dock, under a variety of conditions, either single-handed or working and communicating effectively with others. This unique workshop combines classroom theory with hands-on experience, and is offered in three parts:

DocklinesPart 1

Classroom session to review theory, best practices, tips, and techniques to get the boat on and off the dock efficiently and safely, and development of a practice plan.  
Topics include:

·     setting up docking procedures and roles that lead to consistent and effective teamwork and success
·     communication systems that work
·     effective use of engine power and why confidence is so important to docking
·     docking with just one line – the breast line – how to set it up and use it
·     fenders – getting the right size and position to assist procedures
·     maneuvering and backing down in tight spaces – effective combination of rudder and power
·     safety while docking

Participants will then complete a worksheet that translates the general information to specific application on their boat. We will then review and discuss the key challenges associated with docking each participant’s boat. Based on the worksheet, and discussion, participants will develop a practice plan for their boat. The practice plan will address the key challenges and outline what to practice to build skill and confidence.

Part 2

Practice on your boat – two weeks to apply the worksheet and practice plan from the classroom and hone procedures that work for your boat. Since the weather will likely still be good during this time, but fewer boats will be on the water than during the summer there will likely be good opportunities to practice at places like Sidney Spit as well as your own dock. Rick will be available for consultation during this time.

DockingPart 3

Review workshop: review of practice and what you learned about your boat and yourself, what worked and what didn't, and discussion of how to solve outstanding problems. We will then review the worksheet and practice plan to refine them so participants can continue to develop their skill and confidence.

About the Instructor: Rick Ellis is a BCA lifetime member who brings his years of boating experience and professional facilitation expertise. Rick has been teaching Docking Skills since 2015 and he’s honed it to perfection.



Saturday March 21, 2020

Sunday April 5, 2020

Time: 0900h-1300h both days

Where: SHOAL Centre, All Purpose Room, 10030 Resthaven Dr, Sidney, BC, V8L 3G4


BCA Members: $80

Non-members: $110

Maximum Class Size: 14 participants

Lunch: Best to bag a lunch. Restaurants are a fair distance away.

Contact: Trina Holt  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cancellation: A $15 processing fee will be charged in the event of participant cancellation.