Sept 8, 2022

The worst case ever

As the busy season starts to wind down, many boaters turn to the maintenance that has been neglected or pushed aside for trips and activities aboard. Why now? It’s great to put your boat away clean and ready to go for spring. If you use a marina or contractor for upkeep, now’s a great time to arrange for some winter work when facilities are more available. So here we go.

Gelcoat is a great coating for the marine environment: it’s tough, waterproof, clean, glossy, and can be formed into many edges, patterns and designs. It’s also permeable, soft enough to scrape and gouge, and hard enough to crack.

By summer’s end, on even a well-maintained boat, gelcoat starts to show some wear-and-tear – much of it caused by the environment that the boat is in:

Now that boat use (for many of us) is slowing down, there’s a lots of tips and tricks that can be used for keeping up the clean, glossy look that we all enjoy:

 grime, dirt and algae breeding on a fibreglass boat deck

the right cleaners, tools and elbow grease make it right!

I hope these tips and tricks will help your boat stay the envy of your dock-mates for the rest of this season or for next year!

ask andrew 160Andrew McDonald is the owner of Lakeside Marine Services – a boat repair/maintenance firm based in Toronto. Andrew has worked in the marine industry for 12 years and is a graduate of the Georgian College ‘Mechanical Techniques - Marine Engine Mechanic’ program.

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