June 25, 2020

Step PadsWet decking can compromise passenger safety on boats, particularly when boarding or disembarking. Step-MateĀ® All Weather Non-Skid Step Pads from Beckson Marine help solve this problem by creating a non-slip surface. And, they have a variety of uses beyond covering decks and stairs.

Available in a choice of brown or white finishes, Beckson Step-Mate pads are made from a durable synthetic compound that will not crack or discolor. This material also won't overheat in the sun, making it kind to barefoot traffic.

The pads are fully self-adhesive for easy installation on a wide range of surfaces, indoors or out. Measuring 12" L x 3" W and 1/16" thick, Step-Mate All Weather Non-Skid Step Pads can be easily cut to size. This enables a custom fit in difficult spaces such as head compartments, engine rooms or transom walk-throughs. They also make terrific kick plates to protect walls or doors in high traffic areas.

Sold in pairs, Beckson Step-Mate All Weather Non-Skid Step Pads have an American market suggested retail price of USD $16.70 per pair. Custom colors and sizes are available as special orders, with minimum quantities required.