ScandiaMarine250Scandia Marine Products has introduced a new dinghy ladder that utilizes their Patent Pending interlocking rung design. This all stainless steel ladder provides any dinghy user a safe and secure method of getting out of the water, in an easy to mount and store package.

Unlike other ladders, the Up-n-Out Dinghy Ladder has no hinges that need lubrication and no hollow tubing to gather water. It stores clean and dry.  Up-n-Out’s unique interlocking rung system makes this possible because it allows solid stainless rod to be collapsed or extended with no additional parts. It automatically forms a rigid structure that gracefully curves outward, underwater, away from the boat when deployed.

The Up-n-Out Dinghy Ladder simply ties to the inside of the dinghy and extends well below the surface so any swimmer can get a firm foothold without a high leg lift to reach the first rung. An oak handle is also conveniently and correctly located at the top to give the swimmer a firm grip while exiting the water. When finished, simply untie, push the rungs together and place into the storage bag.

Up-n-Out Dinghy Ladders come in two models designed to fit inflatable or hard-sided dinghies. Both models are available in the standard 2-step version or longer 3-step version.