Safelink R10The SafeLink R10, Overall Winner of the 2012 Pittman Innovation Awards and winner of a 2012 Chuck Husick Marine Technology Award, is worn on a lifejacket and activated by sliding off the safety tab and lifting an arming cap to deploy the antenna.

The compact, lightweight unit sends alert messages, GPS position and a special identity code directly to AIS receivers within approximately a four mile radius. A flashing LED light aids location at night.

A unique, built-in, high precision GPS receiver - which updates every 60 seconds – assures accuracy of the data transmitted from the R10 SRS. With precise location, distance and bearing data, fellow crew members (and nearby AIS- enabled receivers) receive all the information they need to locate the position of the person in difficulty and to enable a speedy recovery. The R10 SRS will transmit continuously for up to 24 hours and has a seven year battery storage life. It is made of ultra durable ABS and is waterproof to five meters.

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Safelink R10 in Action