Hellajpg250Boats are vulnerable when they can't be seen at night or in adverse conditions.  For safety, navigation lights must be visible at sea and be extremely reliable.  Groundbreaking LED technology brings these benefits and more to the state-of-the-art NaviLED PRO navigation lights from Hella marine.

Hella marine's innovative optics deliver 100% correct light output visible over two or three nautical miles.  Precise horizontal and vertical cut-off angles clearly indicate a craft's movement and heading.  Offering significant power savings, NaviLED PRO lamps use less than 10% of the power needed for an incandescent bulb lamp of the same visible distance.  NaviLED PRO port, starboard and stern lamps consume less than 5W combined.

Extensively tested on the world's oceans, these attractive, dependable and energy-efficient lights have proven extremely popular.  NaviLED PRO port, starboard and stern lamps are now Wheelmark certified under the Marine Equipment Directive for vessels up to 165' and the NaviLED PRO masthead version is approved for craft up to 65'.  Equipped with sophisticated self-diagnostic controls, Wheelmark NaviLED PRO lamps also carry BSH approval for German inland waterways and the open ocean.