June 27, 2019

Blue GuardBlue Guard has announced the general availability of the BG-One, a solid-state bilge pump switch, oil and fuel detector. Having no moving parts or mechanical float switches, BG-One will automatically turn off the bilge pump when oil or fuel is detected, preventing potentially costly oil or fuel discharge. 

BG-One was designed with boat owners, environment and operational durability in mind, and protects the owners and operators from fines and clean up costs due to unwanted oil discharge from bilges. The BG-One is a commercial grade, durable device that eliminates frequent replacement of mechanical float switches and extends the life of bilge pumps due to its solid-state drive design. The BG-One can be installed in any present 12 or 24 Volt battery system and will source up to 20 Amp to power any DC powered bilge pump on the market today.

“Until now there has not been a fail safe system to monitor the accidental spillage in vessels,” said Ken Franke, a retired maritime law enforcement officer. “Blue Guard has developed a robust sensor with the BG-One that can protect oceans and waterways from oil and fuel spills, and can mitigate accidental spillage in vessels. This can prevent costly fines to boat owners and unnecessary contamination, plus expensive cleanup by local authorities.”

BG-One has three programmable modes of operation.

Mode A (Marina): Turns pump ON when only water is detected and OFF when oil or fuel is detected

Mode B (Marine Sanctuary): Turns pump OFF when oil or fuel is detected until alarm and bilge is cleared (requires power cycling of device)

Standard Mode (High Seas): Bilge pump switch only (Will turn ON or OFF for any liquid)

The BGI Config App is available for download free of charge for Apple and Android devices.

With IP-67 rated durability, BG-One is made with rugged, non-corrosive ABS plastic.

Blue GuardTo deliver a complete solution, and provide ease of bilge pump installation and monitoring, Blue Guard Innovations has designed additional products:

• BG-Oil, Oil and Fuel Detector: uses two integrated sensors to detect oil and fuel contamination in any body of water.
• BG-SW, Solid-State Bilge Pump Switch: is a reliable, durable, and precise bilge pump switch with no moving parts.
• BG-HW, High Water Sensor: detects water or any other liquids and can be easily integrated into any vessel's alarm system.
• BG-JBox, Junction Box: simple interconnector between bilge pump, BG-One, BG-CP, BG-HW, and power source with status LEDs.
• BG-CP, Control Panel: convenient way to display and monitor bilge pump functions at the bridge of the vessel.