Feb 22, 2018

ZCare MarineZCare Marine, offers effective, eco-safe products to help keep your boat clean. They have products to clean your fiber glass, wood, vinyl, fenders, canvas, bilge, holding tank and more. Their easy-to-use and environmentally friendly boat cleaning products have quite the loyal following.

 Z Care LVP Marine Cleaner offer an innovative approach to cleaning all areas and surfaces on your boat.  The Marine Cleaner uses innovative formulation to protect the environment and the delicate surfaces on your boat.  Easy to use and very effective for cleaning canvas, vinyl, gel-coat, wood (natural and varnished), non-skid decks, hulls, rails, swim platforms and inflatables.  Wet the surface, spray it on, brush and rinse. Wipe down for a nice shine.

Z Care Mildew Cleaner offers a “Non Bleach” approach to removing mildew and controlling re-growth of this pesky growth in canvas, seat cushions and heads.  The Mildew Cleaner is Pine based and is very effective and pleasant to use. Most all other mildew cleaners are bleach based and not very pleasant to use.               

Z Care “Bioremedial” Bilge Cleaner is o 10 to 1 concentrate cleaner for the Bilge of your boat. Bioremediation is a process that uses microbes that “eat oil” resulting in a natural process that eliminates slicks, odor and the pollution resulting from a pump out from your bilge.  The process is you add the bilge concentrate directly into your bilge water or by adding a mixture of bilge cleaner and water to your bilge.  The process requires water, time and temperature.  Keeping a solution of the bilge cleaner and water in your bilge while operating your boat results in a clean and odor free bilge.

ZCare Before image ZCare After image

Adding the Z Care Bilge Concentrate to your bilge eliminates the slick from fuel or oil that is floating on top of the water in your bilge.  It adds a pleasant smell to your boat and eliminates the “Boat Smell” that results from the stale water normally found in the bilge of a boat.  If you keep a dry bilge and want to clean it, simply mix up enough bilge cleaner to “slosh around” in you bilge and take it on a trip.  After the cleaner has been in your bilge for a week or so, clean or pump it out and dry it for a clean and oil free bilge.

If you go to you can see several videos demonstrating how to use Z Care Cleaners.

If your marine supplier needs to get Z Care Cleaners, they can contact Paynes Marine Group at 250-382-7722 .