altHot, stuffy cabins can lead to long, sleepless nights. Keeping sleeping quarters cool and comfortable is easy with the Windscoop Ventilating Sail from Davis Instruments. The attractive, lightweight sail is aerodynamically designed to direct even the slightest breeze below deck to where it's needed.

For sailboats, the self-supporting Windscoop can be hung from a halyard, boom or roller furling sheet. On powerboats, owners build a simple frame from aluminum tubing and a stanchion base or floor flange for mounting. Because there are no tie-downs, Windscoop follows variable winds to funnel fresh air indoors.

Windscoop fits any hatch or companionway up to 4' wide and can be used with existing screens. For durability and long life, all seams are double-stitched and two battens are sewn into place. Windscoop stores easily in an included protective nylon bag.