DolphiniteDolphinite Products, manufacturer of color match gelcoat and a complementary line of boat care and repair products, has launched its web site at Dolphinite’s repair and maintenance product line includes the GelMatch™ Gelcoat Color Matching System, winner of a National Marine Manufacturer’s Association Product Innovation Award at IBEX 2012. GelMatch provides the industry’s only OEM all-in-one, color-matched gelcoat for boats manufactured since 1980.

Dolphinite gelcoat, resins, putties, cleaners and waxes utilize high quality ingredients and provide the usability, luster and superior protection to meet the most stringent marine industry requirements.

All-In-One GelMatch™ gelcoat is a precise mixture of ISO polyester gelcoat, Super Gloss Additive, Reducer Additive, Color Guard Additive and gelcoat color pigments for a perfect spray application.
• Exact gelcoat color match the first time
• Highest grade of ISO gelcoat
• No Mixing or Adding
• Ready to use, easy to Spray, Sag Resistant
• Contains Super Gloss Additive & Reducer
• Excellent Weather Ability and Chemical Resistance
• Resistance to Water Blistering

Dolphinite Gelcoat Filler and Polishing Putty is an all-in-one formula that includes Super-gloss Additive and Color Guard Additive and only requires the addition of MEKP catalyst. It is not necessary to add wax or reducer. Lays out smooth with a high gloss and tack free finish. Requires only wet sanding of the edges with 400 to 800/grit wet-dry sandpaper and buff with Dolphinite Gelcoat Restorer to finish.
• Fills cracks, gauges and holes for a quick easy repair
• Includes Super-gloss Additive
• Includes Color Guard Additive
• Easy sanding and polishing

New Dolphinite T-Wax Sealant Formula with GelGuard™ Additives is an advanced resin-based polymer formula, with the addition of GelGuard™, that creates an extremely durable finish with a super-gloss shine that lasts up to two seasons.
• Gelcoat Restorer Additive
• Gelcoat Color Guard Additive
• Gelcoat Insulator Additive

GelGuard™ additives have a unique blend of resin-based polymers that are able to penetrate the pores of the Gelcoat providing triple protection against the environment by creating an extremely durable GelGuard™ shield. Dolphinite Cleaner Wax with GelGuard™ Gelcoat Restorer Additive is arguably the most powerful All-In-One Cleaner Wax on the market, with three new gelcoat additives. Dolphinite Gelcoat Restorer Compound is an extremely fast-cutting compound that can repair a 30-year-old heavily oxidized boat in minutes - leaving no swirl marks.