Rusty metal products can sour seasonal cleaning and commissioning chores and until recently there hasn’t been much available that easily eliminates rust stains on any boat. Even good quality stainless steel will rust in places if left unattended. And untreated iron or steel will quickly rust in marine environments.

Recently, Protocol Environmental, a local manufacturer of specialty chemicals introduced us to their newest product, DeRust, a rust treatment product that can be brushed or sprayed on. We put it through a series of quick tests and found it worked well on untreated steel as well as stainless steel and iron. It also cleaned other metal components including aluminum and other alloys. Using a brush-on-and-wait 15-minute technique, we found that it not only cleaned the rust, but left the metal surface ready to accept paint if desired, or a polish. DeRust does NOT contain muriatic or other acids and can also be used in a dip tank.

Protocol has also developed DeFoul, a cost-effective way of removing multiple layers of anti-fouling paints from boat bottoms. Check out both DeFoul and DeRust at