The new integrated chain and rope anchor rode from Canada Metals (CMP) is a welcome addition to ground tackle for any boat.

Canada Metals (CMP) is no stranger to West Coast boaters – most of us have been using their anodes for years. In an effort to expand their product offerings, this past year CMP management purchased Rocna anchors to complement their Titan brand chain products. These chain products are industry-leading corrosion-resistant hi-test steel with a surface hardened treatment for long life. They make an ideal chain element for a chain and rope anchor rode combo. The chain gives weight to the rode to keep it close to horizontal and holding while the nylon rope adds stretch and give so the anchor set is not weakened in winds or swells.

To make this marriage more complete CMP engineers have developed a fully integrated anchor rode with nylon rope, which is factory spliced to a suitable length of Titan chain. This splice is precisely constructed so it feeds cleanly through the windlass gypsy without hesitation, making an easy transition from chain to rope.

CMP offers two common rope-chain combinations with rope diameters of one-half or five-eighths rope and in lengths of between 165 and 320’.