Stern WindlassPhilip Rudy from Quick USA showed us their new Stern Windlass system and explained how  convenient it is to use. The system allowing your stern anchor to freefall, so you can drop that, then drive forward and drop your front anchor in the optimum location. Next, using the remote controls, you can operate the front and rear windlasses to have dual point anchoring, holding you in the best position at the anchorage and minimizing the risk that you might drag or drift into trouble.

They also have a special new remote control that minimizes the chance another boater’s remote control might inadvertently trigger your windlass.

We also found a cool new environmental product; assistant to keep oily bilge water from getting out into the environment for making your bill orderly and dirty.

Andy Adams of Canadian Yachting interviews Philip Rudy from Quick USA about the Stern Windlass here: