Maxwell has put some effort into designing a windlass system with a gypsy that will accept any manufacturer’s chain profile. This was a challenge as there is no common standard of profile of chain even for a given size, including G4, Metric, BBB or proof coil, for example. And it’s further complicated as many boats use a length of chain that is spliced to nylon line for the remainder of the rode. A windlass has to be able to handle all these variations.

The result is a new series of anchor windlasses, the RC6, 8 and 10. Each has been designed to accept common chain sizes and its accompanying nylon line. For example, the RC 6 takes 6 or 7 mm short-link chain and 12mm or 1/2” line. It features a 500W motor that will suit smaller craft. The RC8 accepts 8mm or 5/16” chain and 14mm or 9/16” rode. Its power is increased to 1000W. The RC 10 takes all manner of 10mm or 3/8” chain and paired 16mm or 5/8” line. Its power is rated at 1200W.

We put this new windlass through a set of tests with different chains and line combinations and it performed flawlessly, both raising and lowering.

Demos and details are found at