Trailer Backup CameraAnyone who has ever tried to hitch a tow vehicle to a boat trailer or tried backing down a narrow ramp using only rear-view mirrors knows that it can be a frustrating endeavor. Many arguments have broken out over the driver’s inability to reverse properly, threatening to ruin an otherwise idyllic day on the water. To combat this problem and restore peace to marinas and lakes everywhere, AmeriCam has designed a dual backup camera system that makes reversing a boat trailer simple.

The AmeriCam TrailerView dual backup camera system includes two cameras that work together seamlessly. One camera is installed at the back of the trailer and the other on the back of the tow vehicle. The camera on the tow vehicle can be used for daily driving or for hitching the trailer. When the tow vehicle and trailer are hitched, the backup camera on the trailer operates, allowing the driver to safely reverse into even the most challenging spots.

The system is completely waterproof which means, no matter how many times the driver lowers the trailer into the water, the camera won’t leak.   

Even the most inexperienced person can install the kit by feeding a single cable through an existing conduit under the trailer. The TrailerView dual camera system is available in two kits: the TrailerView Gold and the TrailerView Platinum. The Gold kit includes two backup cameras, one for the tow vehicle and one for the boat trailer. The Platinum kit includes two backup cameras and a front-view camera. Both kits have an override feature that allows the driver to keep the camera on at all times.