Feb 13, 2020

SXM MarineSince the days of the astrolabe, sailors have looked to the skies to determine the weather. If only those ancient mariners had Sirius XM service, the whole thing might have been a lot simpler.

Fortunately, we do and SXM has the weather for boaters delivered fresh to your chart plotter instantaneously. No complex calculus required.

SiriusXM Marine is graphical weather and fishing info for boaters. SiriusXM Marine service is available in the continental United States, southern Canada and coastal waters. The area on this map is an approximation of the satellite coverage area. The service is provided via satellite, important since it is not cell or Internet dependent, which is limited in range.

Coveragemap provided by Sirius XM

To get started, you need only get the antenna that matches your plotter – B&G, Garmin etc. These range $650 – 1,200, available from dealers. Once installed, you can choose from three levels of service, which offer increasing capability and information. As well marine subscribers get a discount on SXM’s music service to better rock the boat! For seasonal boaters, the service can be paused for up to six months.

Marine Handware GarminIn use, the Marine Service provides detailed weather features including waver height, direction and frequency, wind direction and velocity, cloud top covering, lightning strike location, sea surface temperature and much more. Sirius XM sources the information from a host of sources including NORAD.

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