Feb 22, 2018

Weatherflow WindmeterFor a gloomy February we look not only at how an app that works within your phone can be of benefit to mariners but take a look at an interesting ‘pocket gadget’ that connects externally to your iOS or Android mobile device that could be mighty useful, particularly for you sailors out there. Although this gadget isn’t going to be replacing your onboard equipment anytime soon, sometimes it is just fun to look at new gadgets that are still quite advantageous to boaters. Carry it with you ashore to stay on top of conditions.

Weatherflow, a company with over two decades of experience developing observational, modeling and forecasting technology, has been rapidly expanding on its portable wind and weather meters. Canadians have become fairly reliant on various weather and navigation apps to provide us with current and forecasts, but this tech may not always be available if service is lost. And of course, you can always revert to your standard onboard anemometer, but for those who appreciate gadgets and new tech, Weatherflow’s wind and weather meters offer a simple, easy to use and portable option.

It begins with their portable windmeter that is essentially a pocket-sized anemometer that plugged into your mobile device that read wind speed and direction and recorded on your phone through their app. Since the success of the plug-in wind meter, Weatherflow has taken their anemometer to new heights.

Weatherflow WeathermeterWeatherflow now offers a complete WEATHERmeter that can measure wind (avg, gust, apparent, true), temperature, humidity, heat index, wind chill and pressure readings. And it no longer requires a direct plug in to operate but connects wirelessly to your smartphone up to 100’ feet away. Compatible devices include iPhone 4S or newer, iPad Gen 3 or newer operating on iOS 6.0 or newer and Bluetooth Smart Ready Android Phone and Tablets with operating system 4.3 or newer.

The data gathered by the WEATHERmeter can be viewed through the free Wind & Weather Meter app but is also compatible with other popular weather apps like SailFlow, FishWeather and Wind Alert. Data can also be directly shared instantly through email, SMS, Twitter, Instagram and other comparable platforms.

The device has received extremely positive reviews from both mariners and beyond (marksmen, golfers…). The unique ability to take your weather station with you lets you use it for multiple applications and provides a fun toy while out on the water and when you head inland.

See chart for full technical data on WEATHERmeter:





wind speed

.5-125 mph

± 0.5%

calibrated by University of Florida Aerospace Engineering

wind direction


± 0.5°

Magnetic North



± 3% up to 85%


atmospheric pressure

8.9 to 32.5 inHg

± 0.03 inHg, 1mbar



-10 to 140 °F

± 0.7 °F


Bluetooth range


up to 100 ft



CR 2450

Owen HurstAbout the author:

Owen was born and raised in Midland, Ontario on the shores of Georgian Bay. He has been boating and navigating ever since and has experience as a paddling instructor, rescue boat operator, and a passenger vessel operator for Parks Canada. He is also an avid fisherman. He obtained his Master’s degree from McMaster University and holds SVOP and MedA3 certificates from Transport Canada.