Oct 26, 2017

raceQsBy Owen Hurst

In the last edition of this column we took a close look at iRegatta and the advantages it can bring while racing. This week we move beyond an app that aids during your race to one that can provide in depth analysis of your boat post-race. raceQs is a completely free app with the ability to record sailing data when it has been installed on an Apple or Android device that then creates a 3D online replay that you can watch and examine at your leisure.

The app will also track any other boats within your area that have a device with raceQs installed and allow you to evaluate their performance against yours. Any boat within your geographic area will automatically show up, a valuable tool for analyzing top performers in the race.

The app presents an interesting and unique option for fine tuning your racing tactics and manoeuvres, and has further potential for recording races with large numbers of participants. If every boat in your Regatta was to have a device with raceQs installed, you could watch the entire race and all vessels in detail either alone or as a group.

raceQs 3D ReplayAn advantage of this app and common concern among users on any vessel is connectivity, or lack thereof. You will need cell service if you want to broadcast your race progress live via the app to your friends and family, but it will track and record your sailing data throughout the race without any cell service. It uses the built-in satellite navigation receivers in your phone or tablet that don’t rely on cell service. However, as we have previously identified for absolute accuracy when outside cellular range an external satellite navigation receiver is recommended. Once you re-enter a service area recorded data will upload and provide you with the online 3D rendering. For most coastal area racing, cell should do it.

There has been concern with app regarding its automatic publishing of data online. One of raceQs’ most frequently asked questions are if the app is left on will it track you all the way home and publish your location. raceQs has addressed this by installing a failsafe that automatically turns the app off when you reach speeds in a vehicle that exceeds typical sailing speeds.

The app takes Fleet Replay to another level when examining your boat’s progress throughout the race against another. You have the ability to select another boat while watching the replay to experience the race from their cockpit or break down your rival’s tacking mechanics, mark roundings, start sequences, boat handling and more.

raceQs VideoRaceQs also has several features for use during Regatta’s, particularly if fully utilized by everyone involved. Race committees, regatta supporters, and sponsors can watch all the action live, with raceQs’ regatta broadcasting, although the broadcast has a five minute time delay to encourage fair competition. Further for those in the race the app can eliminate the need for emailing or texting with an in-app discussion board.

Some of raceQs’ features are:

raceQs playbackraceQs presents a unique approach to recording your race data that complements well the iRegatta app that we considered previously. Both represent unique apps that are part of the widening functionality of smart phones and tablets for mariners.  

But the line hasn’t been drawn there. In the next installment we are going ashore to take a look at the advances being made in sailing VR (Virtual Reality). Sailing VR is now being used for more than just fun, it is being utilized for education, building experience and even training for professional racers.










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