Navnet TZtouchIn a world where frequent system updates for your phone, tablet and computer are the norm, it is great to see that the marine electronics field is keeping pace. When Furuno introduced the NavNet TZtouch system, they explained how they were using the very latest processors, which would allow the system to stay current for several years. Through software updates and new features, Furuno has done an excellent job keeping the system fresh. Now, they are taking it one step further by introducing more FREE Apps that connect TZtouch with Android devices!

Furuno has developed a new NavNet Controller app that provides TZtouch users with a wireless remote control for their TZT9/14/BB systems, simply by utilizing an Android phone or tablet. Just like you control your TV and DVD player from the comfort of your couch, you can now sit back in your captain’s chair and control everything TZtouch has to offer, right from your Android device. The NavNet Controller app provides on-screen cursor control, chart panning and a very convenient chart zoom feature. The clean and simple ergonomic design of this app allows you to easily control your TZtouch system without even looking down at the Android device.

In addition to the Controller app, Furuno’s current NavNet Remote and NavNet Viewer apps, (previously only available for iOS devices), are now also available for Android devices. All three of these apps are available for free on the Google Play Store. For Apple users, never fear, a version of the Controller App will be available for iOS devices very soon. So, no matter which device you use, Furuno will have a free app for your device, giving you the freedom of total control of your NavNet TZtouch system.