Powerkey250To meet a range of versatile applications, Digital Switching Systems launches the ultimate human interface device, the new PowerKey Pro Keypad.  Serving as a stand-alone equipment controller or a power management system controller, this keypad offers an easily re-programmed, multi-button configuration to provide unique customization of electrical control functions.

It can be used to control a variety of functions including, HVAC, pump, motor and auto pilot functions. The PowerKey Pro's controls are plug-and-play compatible with any RS-485 or CAN-based systems.  Rugged to endure harsh conditions, this keypad is UV-protected, IP67-rated, silicone-sealed and waterproof.  Digital Switching Systems' control keypad sends messages directly to a graphical user interface display or to the Digital Switch multiplex power distribution module.

With the attractive and sleek PowerKey Pro, owners have the freedom to designate keys to specific functions.  With such flexibility in command choice, each keypad is available in four- or eight-button formats.