marine_prod-electronics-apollo-largeHeadquartered in Boca Raton, Florida USA, OceanView manufactures a full line of 9 Night-Vision Cameras utilizing state-of-the-art camera sensors such as Thermal Imaging, Ultra-Low-Light and Color. OceanView allows your journey into total darkness, low-light conditions, torrential rain, some fog, smoke and even intense sun to become a safe and cautious one.

Oceanviews industry leading 3 year warranty underscores the reliability of OceanView's night-vision cameras and our dedication to customers.

OceanView cameras provide high resolution images in any light or environmental conditions. They offer thermal imaging options as well as low-light cameras and high quality color cameras. Seamless integration with any marine monitor and integrate easily with Furuno NN3D. From pleasure boats to sportfish, superyachts, commercial vessels, police and fire boats and the rigourous requirements of the military, Oceanview offers a solution appropriate to fit every need.

OceanView's Apollo II night vision camera can now be fully integrated into Furuno's NavNet 3D navigation system. With this cooperative endeavor, the Apollo II is the only thermal system that can be managed without an external controller, providing a seamless, complete package. Yacht owners can control their OceanView camera's functions, such as pan, tilt and zoom through the Furuno system.

The Apollo II camera fully integrated into NavNet 3D, there are no extra controls to take up space. It makes monitoring and controlling a boat's night vision system quick and easy.

The Apollo II is a thermal camera and low-light camera in one unit. Both images can be displayed simultaneously on two displays or on one display with split screen. The Apollo II is the least expensive multiple camera system available in the marketplace and sells for less when used with Furuno NavNet 3D as there is no external controller required. It is available in four models: thermal and low-light, thermal only, low-light only and HD.

Added benefit is the ability to track AIS and ARPA targets intergrated with the Oceanview Apollo cameras-an industry first!