Though ICOM has been a well-regarded manufacturer of marine electronics for many years, they were a bit late to the market with fully integrated products. Not any longer!

ICOM recently announced a “new look” family of marine electronics that meets the competitive offerings and goes a step further. We were first impressed with the new M92D hand-held marine VHF radio. It now has a fully functioning GPS receiver built in and continuously shows the current Lat/Long in the screen to the left of the radio channel setting. It also has a long list of standard features including being fully waterproof and floatable, DSC compatible and four soft keys. It “ups the game” a notch by including active noise cancelling, a feature that no other marine radio offers. Noise cancellation is effective on both incoming and outgoing transmissions, cutting background noise and providing better voice clarity and reception.

Those same features are available on the sibling product line, the M424 console-mounted marine radio products.