Exposure X2 FlashlightThe Norwegian Sea Rescue Association (NSRA), Redningsselskapet, has recommended the British made Exposure Marine X2 search light for the professional and recreational marine market, by adding it to their existing range of recommended safety equipment.

The NSRA, Norway’s equivalent to the British based RNLI, a voluntary, membership-based organisation that aims to save lives and protect the environment, runs a fleet of high speed rescue craft based at 57 stations along the Norwegian coast. The X2 is to be used and tested throughout the fleet.   Operating in near arctic conditions, man overboard (MOB) and rescue situations become ever more life threatening due to the cold.   The NSRA chose the X2 due to its MOB related features, including a brilliant 700 lumens searchlight, as well as its high-powered SOS and Strobe facility easily visible from over 3 nautical miles.  Encased in a lightweight, buoyant and compact aluminum torch housing, the X2 is also an ideal personal safety aid, which can illuminate a significant area when held underwater or shone on a sail.   

Following their initial testing, the NSRA have decided that the X2 is the most efficient and versatile marine safety torch available, and are particularly focused on increasing safety for all boat users.  The multiple strength red beam options, which protect your night vision, are also seen as a unique advantage and are fundamental to the NSRA choosing the Exposure X2.

View Exposure X2 in Man Overboard incident video here

Exposure X2 Flashlight
As a result of the NRSA recommending this powerful little flashlight to all boat owners, the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club (KNS) has specified that 700 lumens strength lights are now mandatory safety equipment for the prestigious Færder Race 2013 (Færderseilasen).  The race is the world's largest overnight regatta, with more than 1100 boats taking part racing from Oslo, south to the Færder lighthouse and back to Horten.  This spectacular race has grown immensely, both in popularity and participation, since its inception in 1947.

The NSRA will be recommending and retailing the co-branded X2 flashlight throughout Norway via their website

Exposure X2 Flashlight