Deck-GBird Repelleruard, llc. announced the launch of their new ultrasonic, solar-powered bird repeller for use on boats. “Ask yourself this question...As a boat owner, how much time do you spend cleaning your boat of bird droppings?” asks George Telheiro, CEO of Deck-Guard, llc. “Wouldn't you rather be spending that time enjoying your boat? Absolutely! That’s what Deck-Guard offers the pleasure boater.”

Masts, spreaders, canvas covers, radars, and railings on boats provide perfect perches for birds. Bird droppings can stain canvas covers and other surfaces and can be difficult to clean. Gulls, cormorants, pelicans and pigeons commonly use boats to land on. If neglected, bird droppings can stain surfaces, and eventually erode the material. A high concentration of uric acid is found among seabirds’ droppings. This acidity can erode materials and stain fabric, costing boaters hundreds if not thousands of dollars in cleaning and replacement costs. Not to mention the health hazards associated with bird droppings, such as bacteria and parasites that can lead to serious illnesses. Deck-Guard solves this common problem for all boaters in an environmentally friendly and humane manner by creating an ultrasonic sound that repels birds and prevents them from perching on boats. One device covers a 30 ft area and is suitable for all boats.

“We’re very excited about the launch of this product, and I can tell you from first hand experience that it works”, Telheiro said. “After spending hours upon hours of cleaning excrement on my own boat, I thought…there must be a better way. ” “ We have been testing the product for a few years and are now ready to launch it to the public.” “ Since installing it on my own boat, I have seen a significant decrease in
the amount of bird droppings. “You will always get the fly bys but no more perching” “Best of all there’s no need to fool around with outlandish plastic owls, flags, wind propellers or cumbersome and expensive netting anymore. All you need to do it press a button and your done.”

The product has had positive feedback from boat owners who have purchased the product. “ I love to hear back from boaters”, Telheiro said. “You really get a sense of their excitement, mostly because they don’t have to deal with cleaning poop anymore.”