How often have you seen another boat with no stern light driving at night? These pole-mounted lights catch on lines, get bent by canvas and snap off when used as an emergency hand-hold!

Also, when Transport Canada-required 360° lights aren't needed during the day, they're often stowed to save space and eliminate visual obstruction. Rather than removing them, where they can be lost or damaged, Perko's Fold Down White All-Round Lights simply fold out of the way.

The lights are certified for use on sail or power vessels under 65' 6". Perko's designs include options with either a white translucent globe, or reduced-glare versions with a frosted globe or a black plastic top and clear fluted lens.

An array of mounting bases give these convenient folding lights many installation options. Various models fit horizontally or vertically on round or square rails. They can be surface-mounted on windshields, T-tops, arches and hard tops. Base materials include a choice of black plastic, or chrome-plated zinc alloy with a quick release lever. Easily installed with a #8 screw, the lights come with a 12V bulb and 13-14" anodized pole. LED options are also available.