SmartPlug is extending its line of shore cord products with the recent introduction of 50-amp products. Complementing the successful 30A product line, the 50A series is designed for larger boats that had no alternative to the existing shore-cord and adapter system, one that has proved unreliable over time.

SmartPlug has addressed the deficiencies of existing power cord systems with a positive connection design that leaves no room for arcing and hence increases reliability and electrical safety. Three weather seals ensure the connection remains weather tight and the positive locking mechanism assures a secure connection. Coming soon is a full shore cord design that is reported to be in final stages of compliance testing. All SmartPlug products are manufactured with quality 316 stainless steel components and all plastics are made from heat-resistant Valox 553U resins.

The most common SmartPlug product is a replacement receptacle for mounting on the vessel and a corresponding female end for the shore cord. This 50A kit sells for about $295.00 Many insurance companies will offer insurance premium discounts for SmartPlug-equipped boats.