altLarson Electronics’ has announced the addition of a new high power LED spotlight to its series of LED lights designed for heavy duty and professional applications. The Magnalight PML-90LED-DP-120 90 Watt LED Spotlight produces a 8,100 lumen light beam capable of reaching 2400 feet in length and provides users with the ability to use either 120 volt AC power or 12 volt DC current. An included weatherproof inline transformer that can be run from 90-295VAC gives this spotlight the ability to operate with common 120 Volt AC power as well as 9-50VDC current and provides operators the versatile ability to mount and operate this LED spotlight anywhere AC or DC power is available.

Incorporating nine 10 watt Seoul Z-Power LED emitters, the Magnalight PML-90LED-DP-120 90 Watt LED Spotlight produces 8,100 lumens and a light beam approximately 2,400 feet long and 140 feet in width. This powerful addition to Magnalight’s line of LED spotlights is IP68 rated waterproof and is designed for mounting to vehicles, buildings or any flat surface using a 4 inch square mounting plate assembly that includes tensioned hinges to allow users to position the lamp once permanently mounted.