Small vessel security does not have to rely on awkward cables and locks, and easily lost keys. Instead GOST (Global Ocean Security Technology) has a very effective immobilizer technology that had a successful introduction after its launch at year ago. Winner of an Innovation Award at the Miami Boat Show, the new GOST immobilizer provides security by de-activating the battery so the start sequence is blocked if the user is unauthorized.

The GOST system is a compact box of electronics that is hard-wired into the positive battery cable connected to any outboard motor. This device allows any low current to pass, current needed for safety lights or a bilge pump, for example. But if starting current is called on, the GOST system only allows it to activate if it is in the close presence of a matching key-fob.

This system impressed its users because it can be passive to the operator who does not need to think about or remember to activate. Simply keep the matched key-fob in personal possession with the boat key and the boat is safe, not able to be started without your presence. And if a thief tries to disconnect the system, it fails safe by disconnecting the start circuit. A local alarm is also included and it will likewise trigger to alert people nearby.

The system comes with all the wiring necessary, and complete instructions and two matched key fobs, all for less than $700. The company website has a complete description of all their security systems, and it is an impressive product offering.