centekA patented medium instantly catches and binds to oil, gasoline and diesel fuel before they spill into the water and cause pollution - and increase the likelihoodof fines or other penalties. Slips easily over any fuel pump nozzle, can be reused until it is fully saturated. MSRP is $US5.50.Centek is the leader in marine exhaust and related environmental solutions and has manufactured for the boating industry worldwide for nearly 50 years. Centek’s engineering staff offers customers over 80 years of marine wet exhaust system design and innovation experience.

Centek also manufactures Gen-Kleen™ and BilgeKleen™ systems to help keep hydrocarbon pollutants from other sources out of the water. Gen-Kleen integrates with generator wet exhaust systems to remove hydrocarbon pollution from exhaust water. BilgeKleen installs to a bilge pump discharge line to remove gas and oil pollution.