CABIN-RonstanTent250Ronstan has taken the campy feel out of cockpit boom tents. Their new inflatable AirArch™ Boom Tent creates a large arched area over the cockpit for a sturdy and spacious shelter from sun or showers. Quickly deployed or stowed, this professional off-the-shelf boom tent is perfect when it is too crowded below, but too uncomfortable outside.  It makes a usable, comfortable space out of almost any sailboat cockpit.

Unlike traditional homemade or custom-made boom tents, Ronstan’s tent utilizes inflatable struts to form an arched shape without the use of ridge battens.  This unique shape creates a much larger area under the tent because it is naturally pulled up and away from the sides of the cockpit. Crew, friends and family will finally be able to sit and stand up straight, and will no longer need to crowd-in and lean forward to keep their backs from hitting the tent sides.

Manufactured using durable U.V. resistant acrylic and water repellent rip-stop nylon, the AirArch™ Boom Tent is lightweight enough for any race boat, yet sturdy enough to withstand moderate weather conditions. It can be quickly deployed or stowed.