CABIN-RONSTANORG250Ronstan’s new range of Cockpit Organizers control cockpit clutter by containing loose items. Each product has been specifically designed to address common cockpit organization problems and help create a fast and functional environment in almost any sailboat cockpit.

The full line of Ronstan Cockpit Organizers includes rope bags, winch handle pockets and even a drink holder. Each rope bag features a heavy-duty hook-and-loop fixing system so they can be easily mounted without drilling. Strong enough to hold wet lines, each bag can still be quickly removed when not in use, leaving only the soft side of the hook-and-loop system in the cockpit. Bags come in multiple sizes and feature mesh drainage and ventilation panels to help keep lines dry and reduce mould. An integrated U.V. and water cover is also built into the RF3700 lifeline bag for dry rope storage

Ronstan Cockpit Organizers are available using either acrylic canvas or PVC material. The acrylic rope bags have a classic navy style and are both water and U.V. resistant. They utilize a pull tight strap closure system and cockpit versions include a drink holder pocket on the side. Other acrylic products include a lifeline-mounted version of the rope bag, a winch handle pocket and a drink holder.